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Social Media Week New York: How to Tell Stories in a Multi and Omni Channel World

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The art of storytelling has changed and it continues to evolve. We no longer live in a broadcast era where marketers can simply shout value propositions in single session posts and advertisements. Instead, compelling narratives are developed over time, touchpoints and channels to incrementally fuse your brand purpose into your audience’s ethos.

In this session, IBM Watson’s Jon Chang will help you combine your social media strategy with email, search, and even offline marketing campaigns.

Attend this workshop and learn:

  • Understand the relationship between email and social

  • Understand the relationship between search and social

  • Understand the relationship between offline marketing and social

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FREE webinar! Next level marketing: AI-powered content management

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Join us for an exciting interview-style webinar with Wiley Education Services about their use of Watson Content Hub with Watson Campaign Automation. You'll learn content management best practices and first hand experience using the products, including content management, tagging, and organization. Even more, you'll be able to ask any questions to the Wiley Education Services team during the webinar's live Q&A.

This session is great for both non-technical and technical professionals, as the two interviewees represent both types.

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B2B Online Conference

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Creating Smarter AI-Powered Customer Experiences

Today’s business leaders want to transform their B2B commerce operations to deliver a flawless customer experience across all channels - from first touch to final delivery. Increasingly, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain and others are playing a leading role in the quest to deliver world class customer experiences. Join this session to learn more about how IBM Watson is helping clients deal with the exponential growth in data, improve personalization, automate cross-sell/up-sell functionality, mitigate disruptions within supply chains, and ultimately deliver the perfect order.

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FREE webinar! 5 ways to fix email deliverability

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Did you know approximately 48% of emails end up in a subscriber's SPAM folder (according to Statista)? The problem is real for marketers, and most don't even know it. Good news is that experts like Cuisinart and Whereowhere are here to tell you the 5 key ways to fix email deliverability. They'll share a detailed story about taking an email marketing program with many deliverability issues to the world class email marketing it is today. Better yet, all attendees will have the opportunity to ask these experts questions during a live Q&A.

It's never too early or late to fix email deliverability. Register today.

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to Apr 23

A CMO's Guide to Leveraging AI

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IBM and The Kellogg School of Management are pleased to host a day-long exploration of AI for marketing held at the Kellogg Global Hub on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus.

This exclusive CMO event is a unique opportunity to network with peers across industries and to gain insights from Northwestern's world-class marketing and science faculty alongside IBM's perspective on AI in practice.

The program will kick-off on Monday, April 22 with a networking reception at 6:00 p.m. This will be followed by a full day of programming on April 23.

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Product Marketing Summit: Uniting growth and product marketing into a wholistic strategy

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Growth marketing and product marketing are both critical tools to success for high growth companies, yet the two strategies aren't commonly unified. Join us for a discussion with expert growth and product marketers to learn best practices and hear first hand experiences.

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Advanced YouTube Tactics for Brands @ PRNews Video Bootcamp

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Learn how to increase your YouTube traffic and report metrics that matter to the C-suite. Nearly three-quarters of American adults use YouTube regularly, beating out Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. Our communications leaders will teach you how to better tap into YouTube’s massive and growing audience and build your brand with the most powerful content that exists—video. Learn how to leverage the platform to generate leads, grow your email list and create videos with authentic calls to action that encourage followers to subscribe and come back for more.

What we’ll cover:

  • How to create authentic video content that shows your brand’s personality

  • Leveraging YouTube for events promotion

  • Paid and organic tactics to increase traffic to your brand’s YouTube channel

  • A simple approach to video measurement using a combination of native and third-party analytics

  • Best practices for creating how-to and documentary videos

  • How to create attractive thumbnails, titles and keywords to draw people to your video content

  • Tips and tricks for YouTube video production

  • YouTube audience identification and funnel strategy

  • How to keep fans watching for longer than 30 seconds

  • Working with YouTube influencers to co-brand content

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The Stories: Hear 8 innovation, tech, event and marketing leaders share authentic, personal 5-minute stories on-stage. Audience votes for winner. The topic?  "Serendipitous Connections."

The Salon: Imagine a Happy Hour with no small talk or awkwardness - that's our Salon Happy Hour. You'll be matched to others for the conversations that matter to you. Complimentary open bar.

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Digital Marketing World Forum, North America

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You’re Right: Email Marketing has been Dying. But let’s Save It

It’s no wonder that fewer-and-fewer people are subscribing to emails from businesses. Marketers have been ruining email for decades by hitting “send” before really digging into their behavioral analytics, where they would have learned about their subscribers’ preferences and interests. This session explores the concept of thematic email content delivered to subscribers based on data-supported insights. Email is consistently the highest ROI marketing channel, but most marketers aren’t achieving the full potential of their email program

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Redefining the Present-Day Marketer: Brand Strategist + Content Creator

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With each innovation in social and mobile technologies, the marketer's skillset quickly adapts to weave in new strategies to the marketing plan. While the mission of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and partners remain the same - the marketer today is expected to be master of everything, and then some. Now, that’s one heavy toolbox.

How can you take advantage of your many skill sets to build, and market yourself for the role that you want? Is brand strategist or content creator or a different industry your next desired outcome? On November 5th, we will be joined by Babba Canales, Forbes 30 Under 30 and Founder of the brand marketing agency bybabba, Jon Chang, Product Marketer at IBM Watson, and Uma Mantravadi, Freelance Strategist for brands like Gap, Google and Mondelez. Hear how they have grown, pivoted, or re-defined their roles to actively shape and transform their marketing careers.

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Building Your Email Marketing Strategy [NYU Entrepreneurship Center]

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There's a good reason why email marketing has stood the test of time: It works well as a primary communication method between a business and its users. When done right, it's a business's greatest asset. When done poorly, it's a business's biggest missed opportunity. This session will teach you the basics of email marketing, common mistakes, and steps to create a core email marketing strategy.

This workshop will be led by Jon Chang. Jon is a growth and product marketing expert. He's currently a Product Marketer at IBM Watson, an Adjunct Faculty of Social Media and Web Analytics at NYU, and Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly.

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