10 Questions with Social Shake-Up Speaker Jon Chang, of NYU and IBM Watson

Questions below, answers here: link.

1. From a speaker’s perspective, what about Social Shake-Up is unique? What can you expect and what did you like most about participating in this particular conference?

2. What is your favorite tool or piece of software could you not live without?

3. What platform is your most used and useful platform for your brand and why? What about for you personally?

4. What are your Top 3 predictions for social media in 2019?

5. Conversely, what WON’T happen in social in 2019, as in: What may have been hot in 2018, but you predict will become irrelevant or drop off in 2019?

6. Have you, do you or will you recruit your colleagues or employees as brand advocates in the New Year? How did or will you do that? How did you start or how will you start that process?

7. What was your favorite social media moment last year, any platform. Was there a particular campaign you thought was done well, successful, inspiring, surprised you, pushed the limits of what social could do or be? Or maybe it was a single tweet or Instagram post that stood out.

8. What is a piece of career advice you would (or do) give to people starting out in social media?

9. What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

10. What are your Top 3 favorite podcasts and why?

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