Social Media Week kicks off on its first day in Puerto Rico

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The main event of social networks, Social Media Week premiered today in San Juan for the first time with the presentation of a series of speakers and experts on the issue of management of social networking platforms.

During the morning session, before a packed house at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, Puerto Rican meteorologist Ada Monzónspoke about her experience with social networks in the wake ofhurricaneIrma, a gesture that added 200,000 additional followers to your Facebook account, most of them people belonging to the generation of millennials.

Monzón revealed that his passage through social networks has been a move more than planned, accidental. 

"There is nothing strategic here, there has been no plan. But if something I have seen in this process is that social networks are now an essential means in emergency coverage, rather than television or radio, "explained the expert on weather conditions.

For the meteorologist, social networks have become an ally to connect with their audience and keep them informed.

A fact that he said he confirmed after the passage of Irma with the constant publications and live videos he periodically published on their networks.

"I realized how effective it could be if I announced in advance when I was going to do a Facebook Live because people were waiting for it and connecting," he revealed. In some expenses, their live broadcasts reached over 700,000 views.

Jon Chang, director of the online fundraising platform for budding business Kickstarter, was another of the speakers he shared with those present.

During his speech, Chang made it clear that nobody can warn or guess about what the future of social networks will be like.

"Nobody can know about this. Me neither. The important thing is that you do not need to know the future to be successful in social networks because it is a constant process of learning. The important thing is to be up to date with the changes, "he explained.

However, he said that the way forward is the dissemination of platforms and content that adapt to mobile mobility.

Anticipated that all the activity and action of managing social networks will be concentrated through mobile, so that companies and individuals who want to be successful in this management should be prepared for it.

In addition, he highlighted as a trend the purchase of articles with a single "click" directly on social networks. He commented that the exclusivity that Amazon had on this possibility with its "1 click", precisely ended in recent days when his patent was expired.

Given this he said that many other companies will be seen adopting this possibility.

According to the Kickstarter director, although Facebook and Instagram are today some of the most popular companies, he said that for companies, Pinterest is proposing a very promising future to build a community of social networks.

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