How Evernote, Kickstarter, Buffer & Other Top Tech Firms Run Their Marketing Meetings

Curated by Thomas Sugar of Pinstriped. Link to full article.

Jon Chang, Digital Marketing Director at Kickstarter knows how to avoid meeting derailment and to keep everyone on the same page and following the agenda.

Tangents often happen when meetings aren’t data-driven and data-focused. Getting people out of the mentality that large impact decisions can be purely anchored to “I feel” or “I think” statements requires a thorough understanding of the data. Instead, we try to focus those large impact decisions on “the data demonstrates” and “based on the data-driven insights” statements… stakeholders have specific windows of time to provide comments in documents before and after meetings. It really helps get everyone on the same page and agenda. Additionally, simply writing the agenda on the board or screen helps.

He also knows that trust and respect are critical components for a marketing team (or any team) to work together effectively and shares Kickstarter’s process for ensuring both.

We’re very thoughtful about our hiring process, making sure we’re hiring experts in their fields who we trust and respect.

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