NYC Marketing Job Opportunities Reporting to 3 Amazing People

In my opinion, one of the most important marketing job search considerations is the quality of the marketing leader and manager. Here are three marketing leaders who are driving the future of marketing, technology, and growth:

Rob Schutz, Roman: 5 open marketing positions (2+ years of required experience)
Roman is a new health company that's quickly growing its marketing team. Their flagship product is erectile dysfunction medication. You may have already seen their messages, which are pretty much everywhere thanks to Co-Founder Rob Schutz. Rob most recently was VP of Growth at Bark, while also writing much of General Assembly's educational marketing content. You can get a pretty good sense of his whimsical personality just by reading the job descriptions.

Nada Elkady, Clarifai: digital marketing manager (5+ years of marketing experience)
If you want to flex, test, and expand your B2B marketing skills, look no further than Clarifai and Nada Elkady. Nada knows the ins-and-outs of B2B marketing by having a courageous work ethic, always testing and trying new B2B tactics, and passionately pushing her team to grow. She most recently led B2B marketing at Stack Overflow, where she built the B2B marketing program from scratch.

Raakhi Agrawal, BCG Ventures: senior growth architect (5+ years of marketing experience)
Raakhi is pushing the possibilities of growth marketing with its growth architect position. Raakhi has a history of delivering impressive results in some of the biggest, most challenging markets. Surmounting those markets not only needs deep skillsets in marketing, product, and data, but also needs an innovative growth mentality.

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