5 simple ways to prepare for your big work presentation

Some work presentations can be tough to sit through as an attendee. Being a poor presenter is usually a worst fear, especially when presenting to your company's decision makers. Here are 5 quick tips to nail your next presentation:

  1. Get your audience's attention before you even start
    • Make it clear to your attendees that answering texts or emails during the presentation is unacceptable. You might hear some grumbles or complaints. However, if you give a concise, well-structured presentation, those grumbles will be forgotten by the time you finish. And don't be a hypocrite - close your laptop and pay attention when others are presenting.
  2. Disable desktop and browser notifications
    • iMessage, GCal, and desktop email notifications are great for productivity, but are distracting during a presentation, especially if those notifications automatically escape from PPT or Keynote Presentation Mode.
  3. Outline clear goals
    • One of your first slides should outline your top goals for the presentation, in order of presentation. Your audience should know what to expect and how to frame each slide's context. This helps you and your slides tell a story.
  4. Leave your audience knowing what's next
    • After your attendees have been wowed by your work, establish a few key next steps and a timeline for completion. This shows your work has legs and is part of a larger story.
  5. Of course, make sure the tech works
    • If possible, get in the presentation room before your meeting to test all of the tech: screen, projector, remote, audio, and connectivity. If you're presenting from a Mac, find the dongle or Apple TV password.

That's it for now! Please send me comments or questions via LinkedIn InMail. :)